Welcome to the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Law Blog

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Law Blog. This site will be regularly updated with the newest decisions which may effect your case. In Connecticut, contested case are tried before one of 16 workers’ compensation commissioners. Typically, this decision is rendered within 120 days of the closing of evidence in the case. Once the decision is provided to the parties, either party may appeal the decision to the Compensation Review Board, (CRB) a panel consisting of 3 compensation commissioners. The CRB’s decision is typically rendered within a year of the date the appeal was filed. Once this decision has been provided to the parties, either party can appeal to the Connecticut Appellate Court, whose decision may then be appealed to the Connecticut Supreme Court. This Court will decide whether or not to hear the case. If it hears the case, its decision cannot be reversed by any other Court in Connecticut, although the state legislature may change the law.

This blog will periodically post the newest developments in the case law as it is announced by the Compensation Review Board and the Appellate Courts so that you can keep abreast of the latest case law that may effect your workers’ compensation case. The blog will also discuss current issues that may not have presented themselves in the form of appeals to the CRB or the Appellate Courts, but which are of great concern to injured workers. Occasionally, this blog will post decisions from jurisdictions outside of Connecticut to provide a perspective on how sister states have grappled with some of the same issues that effect Connecticut workers.

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