Personal Injury

What will your personal injury lawyer do for you?

Personal Injury law allows victims of personal injury to seek money awards deemed to be fair, just and reasonable. In Connecticut, compensatory damages consist of the money a person has lost as a result of a personal injury that he/she sustained, including lost income, lost earning capacity, property damage, medical bills and for pain and suffering. This area of law encompasses car accidents, slip and fall accidents, assaults, Dram Shop claims and malpractice claims to name just a few. In evaluating a personal injury claim in Connecticut, there have to be at least three elements for a claim to arise: negligence, which means that someone did something they weren’t supposed to do or failed to do something that they were obligated to do; an injury; and finally, a casual relationship between the negligence and the injury sustained. Without all three of these elements, there is no viable cause of action or personal injury claim.

In addition to compensatory damages which cover a person’s definable losses, under certain circumstances punitive damages may also be pursued. These damages are damages on an increased scale awarded to an injured victim, over and above his compensatory damages, in circumstances that were aggravated by violence or wanton and willful conduct on the part of the defendant, to punish the defendant for his malicious behavior.

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While you will not find my face on the side of a bus or in a television commercial, you will see me in the conference room when I meet you personally to evaluate your case. I will evaluate your legal case and present your legal options to you. All such evaluations are free of charge. If I take your case, it will be on a contingency basis, meaning that I will not be entitled to a fee unless and until I satisfactorily resolve your case.

My staff is well-trained in obtaining your medical records so that this information can be continuously and expeditiously updated and provided to the individual insurance company with which we are dealing. Once a client has completed his or her medical treatment, I will then be in a position to forward a settlement demand to the insurance company and will devote all of my energy toward resolving your case quickly, without litigation, if possible. In the event that I am unable to resolve the case amicably, I will immediately put the case into suit so that the litigation process is not needlessly extended. Once the litigation process has begun, my staff and I will meet with you to prepare you for the discovery process, including the answering of written questions called interrogatories, and the preparation for your sworn testimony in the form of a deposition.

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