Transcontinental Bicycle Tour


Caelan and friend, Robert Enright, on Long Training Ride

The subject matter of my blog, customarily reserved for discussions of new cases and trends in workers’ compensation law in Connecticut, will be radically altered in the next month.  My son, Caelan, and I are flying out to Seattle, Washington on July 5th,  his 16th birthday, in an attempt to cycle back across the United States in 32 days.  Our success will not be determined by whether we make it back home under our own power, but by what we experience together along the way.  We will post some photographs of the people, places and things that we encounter in this passage .  This trip will slice through Washington, Idaho, Montana (for five long days, and over 600 miles) then into Wyoming, into the Badlands of South Dakota, into verdant Minnesota, crossing the Great Lakes in Wisconsin, into Ohio, up, up and over the steep Appalachian Mountains, into Virginia, where we hope to see the Atlantic Ocean in Williamsburg.  The trip starts on Sunday, July 7th so we will check in that evening.