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Driving on I-95 or on any road in Connecticut can be a dangerous prospect. If you are in an accident that is not your fault, and you are injured, it is imperative that you seek the advice of a car accident lawyer immediately. It is equally important that you document your injuries by pursuing treatment with a competent physician. Should your symptoms change and you are not sure if the new symptoms are related to the accident, be sure to apprise your doctor of these changes. If they are not noted in your medical chart, they may as well not exist.

Although insurance companies in Connecticut no longer offer no fault benefits, there are often medical pay benefits or basic reparations benefits available to you through your own insurance company which will pay your medical expenses. If you have health insurance, the health insurance company will not pay benefits until it has been provided satisfactory proof that there is no medical pay available.

What if the other driver at fault had no insurance? In Connecticut there is a 12% chance that the driver of the other vehicle will not be insured. Unfortunately this is often not discovered by the responding police officer because the at-fault driver presents an insurance card which demonstrates that there was insurance coverage on the date of the accident. However, when the insurance company is notified days or weeks later, it will provide the bad news that the policy was cancelled for non-payment of the premium prior to the date of the accident.

In some instances the at-fault driver has the minimum policy limit allowed in Connecticut, however the damages are far in excess of the policy limit. This is known as an underinsured claim. In either an uninsured or an underinsured claim, the attorney’s job is to research the client’s own automobile policy, and those of any blood-relatives living within his/her household, to determine if there are any other policies which would be obligated to pay for the injuries sustained.

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