Can My Employer Make Me Pay For My Own Insurance While I Am Out On Comp?

In Connecticut, the employer may require the injured employee to pay for her own health insurance benefits during the period of time that she is out of work as a result of her work-related accident. While there is a statute in Connecticut that states that the employer must continue to pay for medical benefits during the pendency of the injured worker’s illness that keeps her away from work, that statute has been construed by the Connecticut Supreme Court to relate only to municipalities, or in cases where there is a contract requiring health benefits to be continued, usually when the employee is a member of a union. Therefore, unless the injured claimant works for a city or has health benefits that are guaranteed to be paid through a contract, the employee will have to pay her share of the health benefits while she is out of work.

Of course an employer may continue to pay health benefits on behalf of its injured employee: but it is not obligated to do so, barring the circumstances described above

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